About Me

Photography has been my passion since childhood. That is over thirty years now. My father and grandfather are avid photographers and got me into the hobby at an early age. I saved up some money and purchased my own SLR, a Canon F-1, when I was eight years old. Since then I have been studying the art and craft of landscape photography. Much was learned early on through trial and error, and later from studying under some of the finest photographic instructors in the industry. I have also learned a great deal studying the great artists of the Italian renaissance and the French impressionist, and have incorporated much these techniques into my own photography.

I studied electrical and civil engineering in college, earning degrees in engineering, math, and physics. I have extensively studied the science of photography, from optical performance to digital imaging. My educational training in electrical engineering and physics has given me the background to understand the technical side of photography at a much deeper level. I am always experimenting and seeking ways to improve the quality of digital images, either though field technique or though hardware and software improvements or through post-processing. I was an early adopter of the digital workflow, beginning with the original releases of Capture One and Adobe Lightroom. Since then I have become a member of the Adobe board of customer advisors, assisting in developing superior software.

I have worked in a variety of careers, including structural engineering, wedding photography, and even as a truck driver (I still have my class A CDL). I consider all my life experience as valuable, and have incorporated this knowledge into my photographic passion.

Sharing my knowledge and experience with others is a passion of mine. My desire is for you to learn to create your own photographs that you can be proud of.

Greg Kittle