Artist Statement

I am a fine art landscape photographer with the goal of creating the highest quality of fine art possible. A piece of fine art is not merely technically excellent, but has been artistically inspired by the artist. It is both an artistic and emotional expression of how the artist sees and experiences the world he lives in, ranging from the grandeur of the stars in the heavens to the simplicity of a single flower. All of nature abounds with beauty, and as an artist I endeavor to capture this beauty as a means of enriching the lives of others.

My foremost source of inspiration is my love of nature. Beauty exist in nature all around us, from the simple flower clothing the earth to the grandest galaxies gracing the heavens. I take delight in expressing my love of nature though the camera lens. A camera allows us to see to world in a different light.

Ever since childhood I have been fascinated by the study of science and nature. I am unique amongst artist as I have studied not only the arts, but have earned degrees in both engineering and physics. A knowledge of science has enriched my life and given me a greater appreciation of the beauty of nature. I view nature through the appreciation of both an artist and a scientist, and it is my desire is to share this experience through an artistic medium.

Creating a fine art photograph requires an artist skilled in conveying their experience in nature through a two-dimensional medium. This is accomplished through three individual steps. The first step begins on a photographic expedition when the scene is composed in the viewfinder and the digital sensor is exposed, capturing a moment in time. As in the days of analog film processing, a digital image is never complete without post processing in the digital darkroom. I edit the digital negative in Lightroom and Photoshop, allowing it to represent my experience in the field. This includes adjusting the color balance, cropping the edges to eliminate unnecessary elements in the frame, cloning out distracting objects, opening the shadows, and toning down the highlights. The final step is the presentation of the photograph itself, which involves the processes of printing, matting, and framing.

My aim however is not to distort reality, but rather to create an image that is believable, one that you could imagine finding in nature even though that exact place would never exist. By following this technique, I provide an image that is surreal, yet retains enough realism that when gazing upon the image, you may feel as though you are being transported into a world frozen in time and serenity.

A fine art photograph requires the highest level of skill and care through every step of its creation. This is my goal for every piece of fine art that I create. I trust that you will find many years of enjoyment from my fine art photographs, and that you will have a valuable piece of artwork which may be passed down and enjoyed by future generations.

Greg Kittle
Los Angeles, California, 2017