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Impressionistic Landscape strives to provide high-quality content on a variety of photographic subjects including printing, software techniques, and photographic skills. We strive to provide a range of content which will appeal to a wide range of audiences from the advanced photographer to the beginner who may be just discovering the wonderful and exciting world of photography. We are all about sharing and would love to have you contribute to our community. If you have something that you believe would benefit your fellow photographers then you are encouraged to write for us. We are always looking for new and talented contributors.

Your articles don’t need to be long or technical. However, as this is a photographic site, images are expected. Images should be 900 pixels on the long edge and 72 ppi, JPEG format. The article submitted must be in either Word or plain text document form. For consideration, please attach and send a designated folder, including your article and all images, to Greg Kittle.

Please note that this is a family-friendly website, so swear words and profanity of any kind is strictly prohibited. It also goes without saying that provocative images and nudity are not permitted. In addition, this is a photographic website. Therefore, articles must be of a photographic nature. No political discussion will be permitted unless it affects photographers or the photographic industry in some form.

You are encouraged to include your contact information and links back to your own website (if applicable) in your article.

After submission, your article will be reviewed for acceptance and you will be notified by email as soon as possible.

Thank you and I hope you consider writing for us. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Greg Kittle